Artist and Vendor Information

This page will contain details pertaining specifically to artists and vendors of Thatch Meadow Farm that will be part of the Summer Solstice 2022 Party. Check back frequently as information will be added as it develops.

Agreements: Please read, sign the last page, and return to to confirm your commitment and understanding of this event.

Artist Agreement

Vendor Agreement


Maneuvering your vehicle could prove to be a bit challenging especially during the party. It is definitely encouraged to move your vehicles only before and after the event if possible. TMF will do everything they can to accommodate your needs but please be mindful of the challenges of maneuvering through an active party. TMF invites you to the farm prior to the event so that you understand the lay of the land.

There is no coming and going. Once you are here, you are here until the end. Please do not leave the party with the expectation of coming back. Due to the parking challenges and admission charges, re-entry is not allowed.

Electric and plumbing (water):

There is no electric or water available at your vending site. Potable water will be available from a garden hose but that is all. Often, vendors will use a quiet generator if they need electricity.


Bands will be offered a "VIP" section of camping. Located behind the stage, only bands will be offered to camp here at no cost.

Bands will be given guest passes- 1 for each member of the band.

Vendors will be offered passes to their staff. If camping and parking is required, please let TMF know ahead of time so that we can coordinate appropriately.