Winter Snow

Winter Snow

Winter happens to be my favorite time of year. This will have been the 3rd official snow of the season. The biggest snowfall occurred on January 29th, Saturday. Thatch Meadow Farm is especially beautiful because of its picturesque landscape. The best part about winter is the silence that descends upon this land. Unlike the other seasons where you hear the birds, or crickets, or cicadas; the only common sound of winter is the howling wind. 

The outdoor chores are especially challenging but dressed appropriately, the cold air feels good. It feels fresh. The sun rises late and sets early. It forces you to be productive during the little light there is. Because the days are short, time is precious. 

But I can already feel the days getting longer. The cold remains but Long Island winters are very forgiving. We'll only have a few days at a time with temperatures below freezing. Then everything thaws again; it briefly feels like spring; and the cold returns reminding you that it is barely mid-February.

During this time, winter is normally a quiet and restful state of affairs. Residents of the Farm will begin to meet with Conky to discuss future events. Events that have been abruptly put on pause due to the pandemic are now imminently scheduled again. We would like to share even more with the public this year so check back often. 

Thatch Meadow Farm will be offering Farm merchandise available through this website soon. And we will continue to sell eggs, honey, wild flowers and more. Returning this land to its rightful state is a priority for us. What is its rightful state? Thatch Meadow Farm has had a long history of being a farm and we'd like to return to our roots. It has also played its fair share of being a local hub for musicians and artists. So we're anxious to explore more that this year. 

There will be a store to this website where you can purchase TMF swag. All proceeds go towards the beatification and maintenance of this property. 

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