The moment is upon us!

Saturday is just 2 days away! And we're psyched! Blue Point Brewery will have a presence here. Big Belly BBQ is expanding their menu. Katie's will be offering ices and ice cream! And 1/2 of the camping spots have already been claimed! The bands are amp'd and so are we. We've got some interesting vendors as well! This is sure to be a unique experience for everyone and since it only happens once a year (barring any pandemics!), do not miss this opportunity to visit the farm.
As a reminder, gates open at 1:00 PM. Campers should get here earlier. Gates close at 10:30 PM. Only ride shares will be allowed down the driveway so please plan accordingly. WiFi will be available and credit cards are accepted! 
This event happens for several reasons. Conky, the land-goddess of this property, loves to share this land with the world. She does not take it for granted and wants everyone to experience the farm on this day. This farm is crammed between McMansions and luxury vineyards. Our modest attempts to maintain a presence in this area remains a challenge. Therefore, another reason for this event is to raise money to keep this farm alive. And we don't want to just stay alive, we want to thrive. As you make your way through the windy roads of Head of the Harbor, you'll be greeted with a dirt driveway.  We've been here since before America declared its independence. Please come and enjoy the view, the architecture and the history.
The personal respect that I have for this small piece of land is what motivates me to share this day and land with the world. We want to make this experience fun for the whole family. Let loose, let the kids run, run into the water, soak in the sun, enjoy the tunes and forget that this is Long Island in 2022 for just a few hours. 
I'm excited to see everyone. Let's have a real good time!
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