Summer Solstice 2022Summer Solstice is underway. We faced our first hiccup today. But we also scored a moment of success that should be recognized. First the good news. Upon "officially" announcing the party on my own Facebook page, online ticket sales were impressive. I'm thrilled to learn that people are listening and anxious for this party. It's quite a celebration and all for a wonderful cause. But on this same day, (not coincidentally), I also learned that we could not host 2 of the bands that we had hoped. Great South Bay Music Festival had previously made contractual obligation to Aqua Cherry and Quarter Horse. These bands are fantastic and it is no mystery why they're so coveted. Be that as it may, personally, I must travel a whole 11 miles to see them instead of them play in my own backyard. That's ok. We'll host 'em next time. I can't wait to see them kick ass on a stage as big as what GSBMF offers. But I really do have to count my blessings. Or maybe I'm just so privileged to be surrounded by immense talent. I'm happy to announce that The Melting Pots will be returning to the TMF stage this year. Free Association will be opening the party and I couldn't be more happy for this unexpected change. We're all in for a treat. 

On another note; we're looking for vendors. Anyone interested in capturing the attention of our audience?

Please take advantage of pre-sale tickets at All proceeds goes towards the maintenance and support of one of America's oldest original establishments (circa 1743). Your patronage is greatly appreciated. And we hope to entertain you with good food and music all the while.

Be cool. 

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